Inspiring Innovative Minds

In today’s competitive environment, it is crucial for high school students to be able to stay one step ahead.

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We focus on empowering students to realize their full potential while navigating through an ever changing world.

University Life

Experience the beauty and exhilaration of some of the top ranked universities in California.

Continuum X students will be surrounded by university students who have started innovative businesses, run impactful organizations and are constantly giving back to the community. We will visit Southern California universities that are globally recognized and known for their ground-breaking research.

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Cultural Experience

Students won’t be sitting in a classroom all day. Instead, they will be learning by doing and being.

Touring the culturally diverse and rich California scenery takes on a whole new meaning through Continuum X. Every restaurant, business, and facility we visit is intentional and integrated into the students’ educational and cultural experience.


Continuum X has taken the key components of three innovative and collaborative programs and integrated them into a breakthrough summer experience.

Modus College Preparation

College is an exciting endeavor for every high school student. Modus brings over 10 years of expert knowledge to helping students achieve admissions to their top choice universities.

School X

Learning and leading through entrepreneurship, students will engage in the step by step process of starting a business and actually develop their very own product from conception to launch.

Space Academy

Space Academy is a unique and interactive program where students experience the engineering design process in a whole new light – they actually build their own launchers and landers! 3-2-1 LIFT OFF!

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Continuum X differentiates its curriculum for each session. Due to the nature of this program, course details may be subject to change.