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Few of life’s challenges can be solved with a formula or by looking up the answer in a book. At School X, we get students out of their comfort zones and develop their creative problem-solving skills to tackle the challenges of being a person who positively impacts his/her community. The mission of our program is to teach and mentor young individuals to utilize their creativity and develop their entrepreneurial spirit to make a difference in our world, starting today! School X students learn the step by step process of starting a business, from conception to launch, learning entrepreneurial principles along the way.

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Space Academy

During the school year, Space Academy is a unique and interactive 10 week long program. Teams of students form companies that compete to craft the most efficient launcher and lander, which reaches the highest altitude while simultaneously protecting the payload contents inside of the lander. These companies are able to invest in each other through a model stock market based on their perceived performances. Students will not only be exposed to the engineering design process integrated with business, but they’ll get their hands dirty while doing so…literally!

Modus College Preparation

College is an exciting endeavor for every high school student. However, it can also be a stressful time as students and parents struggle to manage extracurricular activities, college essays, and supplemental materials for admissions. Modus Education was founded in 2012 as a network of private tutors committed to helping students of all backgrounds achieve academic success. Modus brings over 10 years of expert knowledge to helping students achieve admissions to their top choice universities. Every counselor works with a small caseload of students to ensure close attention and mentorship while building unique activity projects and providing invaluable advice about their college options. At Modus, we believe that the success of our students is reflected in the care and attention we provide them.

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